Small Groups ministries

Small Groups provide an opportunity to grow in your knowledge of God's Word, increase your passion for God, and experience authentic community. Our Small Groups span all ages and phases of life and meet at various times during the week.

Quick Facts

        • Small Groups exist to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus who live as the family of God for the purposes of God. 

        • Small Groups are for those who want to connect with others in a healthy God-centered community, 

           learn to apply God’s Word to their lives and build healthy relationships with others. 

        • Groups meet for 10 weeks in the Fall, Winter and Spring

        • Meetings last for about 1.5 to 2 hours in length each week and discuss questions related to that week’s sermon

        • There are other groups that might choose a different topic of study

Find a Group

This Fall, we will have Group Connect weekends where you have the opportunity to meet Small Group Leaders and join a small group.

Become a Leader or Host

As our church continues to grow, we continue to need new Small Group leaders and host homes to meet in. 

To sign up to be a small group leader or host, please contact the church office, 858-578-2150