Welcome To Mira Mesa Presbyterian Church

We are a warm and friendly congregation, united in our faith and desire in learning about Jesus Christ.

Our services begin with our choir singing praises. Sometimes we sit and listen to their heavenly voices and sometimes we join in with the gospel songs.

We continue where we say the Prayer of Confession in unison followed by the Assurance of God’s Forgiveness. 

Children are excused to their class and we hear the sermon. Our services are bible-based, usually with references to the Old Testament then with the New Testament, showing how the word of Jesus Christ is still part of our world today.

Our worship time is followed by the just as important fellowship time. We believe in gaining strength by knowing our Christian brothers and sisters, to care for them as Jesus Christ cares for us. We are a church where we want you to know that we are here to support you and your Christian walk.

Our programs

We are much more than a church that provides a one-hour service on Sunday mornings. We provide outreach to the Mira Mesa community, the city of San Diego, and to missions around the city, county, and to the world.

Together Reaching for Christ . . .

Welcome friends!

We trust that whether you are simply browsing or looking for a place to worship God, you may want to come to our friendly neighborhood church and explore further as our guest.

     This could be the place where you meet new people and create new friendships, while pursuing your own spiritual path. You don’t need to have all the answers to be part of MMPC. We believe an open heart and open mind will do and our doors are open to all.

     We hope you will find MMPC to be warm and friendly. Whether you are strong in your faith journey, or you are just learning about who Jesus Christ is, MMPC is a place where you will find people who listen to your questions about life and the faith journey.

     We truly desire to serve the Lord in our community and beyond. We worship, pray, serve, and we have fun doing it while we learn together what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

     If you have any questions about our church or what it means to be a follower of Christ, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to meet you in person. Come and explore the possibilities for Christian growth and community with us!

Rev. Dr. Duncan McColl

Shared Facilities

The sign below identifies the two separate congregations that share this worship space. On Sundays the English-speaking MMPC worships with a traditional service at 9 a.m. The Korean-speaking San Diego Korean United Presbyterian Church (KUPC) meets at 11 a.m.

More information on KUPC is available here: https://sdkupc.com/


KUPC has an additional ministry, We the Redeemed (WTR), which worships at 1 p.m. They offer a less-formal English-speaking praise service, which is popular with college and young adults. More information on WTR is available here: https://www.wetheredeemed.org/

How to find us:

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