A Word from the Pastor . . . 

Make Room for God!

Lent is a season which calls us to go deeper in our faith journey. We do this by committing to a season of penitence, confession, spiritual growth and simplicity. It’s a time for us to take a spiritual inventory of our lives and then take action to clean out those things which can hinder our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and our service to Him. 

One key Scripture that gives us some guidance in this matter is 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, He who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 

Scripture claims that we make our best progress on the Christian journey by recognizing how lost we have become. Why is that? Doesn’t God think we can do anything for ourselves? 

God’s Word gives us a great number of exhortations to live as responsible men and women. We are responsible for choosing whom we will serve, with whom we will conduct our lives, and what we will do with the fleeting years we have in this life. 

God is not trying to turn us into perfect little angels with no will or freedom to make decisions. However, we do need to take our choices seriously. The spiritual criteria for evaluating any choice is whether or not it has left us open to God. And nothing opens us up to God quite like discovering how much we need His mercy and grace. 

In confession, we take responsibility for the bad choices that have led us in the wrong direction, we ask forgiveness, and we are left humbled by our need for God in our lives. So, let’s be clear, confession opens up a space in our lives that was not there before and it makes room for God. Consequently, it becomes a space for God to enter into. With His presence, we are guided away from the road that leads to nowhere, and we can find ourselves on the path back to God. 

My prayer for you this Lenten season is this: that you will use the opportunity provided during Lent so you can take a spiritual inventory and clean out anything which stands in the way of your relationship with God. 

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Parrish